Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A change is as good as a rest...

I'm thinking of moving this site over to the free blogging service on WordPress.

There are a number of features on WordPress that I quite like:
  • You can create different pages, so I could have lots of other stuff on here. Not that I would do much with it, other than write nonsense about myself, but the option is there.
  • They have a nifty little calendar.
  • You can categorise your entries, so that people arriving at the site can browse through all the exciting posts you have ever written about say, pigeons, and be enlightened more quickly than they might have been if they didn't know there was an entire category of posts all about pigeons.
  • erm... that's it, really.

The 'cons' of moving the site are:

  • You have to choose one of the ugly and boring templates, which you cannot then change (although according to wordpress, this is so that I don't have to tax my brain with snippets of HTML or CSS or whatever, and is therefore for my own good). I quite like this leafy autumnal template that I have at the moment, but blogger is pissing me off with its insistence in moving the sidebar down to the bottom of the page whenever I post photos, and being in other respects unimaginative.
  • Because you can't change the templates, you can't use haloscan for the comments, as far as I can tell. Please enlighten me if this is not the case. This would mean that I would have to leave all my lovely comments on this site.

I don't know. Who cares? Really?

Pff. I'm off to buy some chocolate.

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